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14 Oct 2016

 Having a beautiful looking website is the dream for all business alike. Once you find a best web design company, more than 90% your job is done. Design plays an important role in capturing customer attraction. There are a huge computation of web design companies offering website design services and almost all these designs look alike. So, how do you design a website that stands separately in the crowd and that is complete of life and freshness?

The full-screen background makes an extremely amazing visual impact on websites. The website background does not have to be just photos, but also any other large image or even video. In this article, you will learn about the different large backgrounds styles and how to use them.

Full Screen Background Styles: Basically, there are many different types of style, but the most frequently used style on website are:

Photographs as backgrounds:

We usually use either images or video in a full-screen background. Images include photos, design or a moving collage/slideshow. Videos are simple, but not easy to organize due to uncertain browser support. Regardless of what you use as your background component, it should be reserved as an accessory rather than a requirement. For example, even if your background image or video is removed, you should be able to read your content correctly and categorize it accordingly. A good practice is to use firm color in your background to make your text clear.

Graphics and design as backgrounds:

The graphic is another platform created to satisfy the designers craving for free background texture. Its library of textures is very impressive and easy to use, as well as offers other graphic related downloadable documents such as vectors and add-ons.

Brilliant animation:

HD animated backgrounds allow any degree of movement you’re comfortable with, whether full-on cinematic videos or single hard-to-notice elements that move sometimes. Animations are most common as loading entertainment. But with the rise in HD mobile devices, active content that remains on the screen is becoming more popular.

Make a mobile responsive:

There is a number of browsers accessing the internet using a mobile device versus a desktop has reached a “tipping point.” There are now more mobile users than desktop users. That means it is important that your site works for different screen sizes. Something you can do includes:

·         Testing your site in different types of windows sizes. There are many tools are available.

·         Using a word press theme that is already mobile responsive and tweaking it to suit your own tastes and design needs.

·         Hire a programmer or coding yourself to make sure your site adapts properly for mobile browsers.

The website looks just as good on a tiny screen as on a larger one.


HD web design might be new, but it doesn’t have to be scary. It’s been around for long sufficient that designers can now recommend best practices, as well as what to avoid. Just keep in mind that HD design does have its own particular set of rules. For every benefit it offers, there’s a disadvantage to try to avoid. Don’t ignore loading times or the visually distracting aspects of HD, and take to heart the strategy we listed above.

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